About Me

About Me

EDave got his first Sears acoustic guitar at age five and began taking lessons with the local music teacher.  As he was advancing, he took lessons from other teachers and finally settled with his long time teacher and close friend, Ken  McElroy. This is when  Dave started  learning about jazz  and complex harmony and  ended up studying with Ken for nearly ten years. Dave wanted to take the next step, so he attended the Berklee College Of Music, where he received his B.A. in Jazz Composition and B.A. in Music Production And Engineering. Dave, now has his own recording studio, where he has composed,produced and engineered four solo albums and many other songs  and compositions. Dave Feels right at home in the studio as well as on the big stage. Dave can do it all, play a ripping guitar, compose music in many styles and  produce and engineer. Dave is a master musician and plays to live and lives to play!!!!!!!   


Dave has recorded four solo albums, composing, producing and engineering as well as playing lead and rhythm guitar, bass guitar, percussion and keys on all of them. Dave's music is very groove based with a lot of energy and interesting rhythms. Dave's first album, Mother's Son, is a Latin/Jazz based album, featuring acoustic nylon string and electric guitars, interesting rhythms great horn arrangements and features the great playing of master pianist Osmany Paredes and master percussionist and Samba New York's musical director Philip Galinsky. It was a tremendous honor to have had them play on my album!

Dave's second album, Break Through, is  also Latin based. It still keeps the great Latin rhythms, horn arrangements and acoustic nylon string guitar,  but with more electric guitar.

Dave's third album, Groove Power, is a high energy Funk/Rock Masterpiece. It again, blends interesting rhythms, with great horn parts and of course, a lot of Funky guitar playing.    

Dave's fourth album, Biorhythms, is another Funk/Rock masterpiece. Incorporating all the same great Funky guitar playing and horn parts, along with tight driving grooves. If you like Dave's  recorded music, you will absolutely love his high energy, hard grooving and intense live show!    

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